If your business requires telephone dispatching, Northwest Telephone Answering Service is ready to handle these services for you. Allow us to be the link between those who call your business and the help they need. Our live operators are experienced in handling a wide array of dispatching needs, including:

  • General dispatch services:
    • Delivering call details
    • Emailing and faxing reports
    • Calling people on the phone
    • Or a combination, thereof, with records and reports of said dispatches and confirmations
  • Customized dispatch services:
    • Validating information
    • Tracking orders and confirming deliveries
    • Coordinating emergency staff
    • And much more!

Our dispatching services are customized to meet our client’s needs. Our 24/7 live operators follow protocols and processes outlined by your business to ensure the correct people are alerted regarding the correct corresponding company issue. Our live operators are trained to follow your designed scripts. This, along with our prestigious call monitoring and training system, in turn, enhances efficiency and allows your business to run smoother while your calls are escalated accordingly.

We can also work to integrate your current database into one of our own in order to seamlessly meet your dispatching needs in an efficient manner. We can also coordinate dispatch services with an “on call” staff member. Our professional staff and advanced technology allow our dispatchers to work as an extension of your business and operate as though we were sitting in-office with you. We have experience with the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Legal
  • Real Estate & Property Management
  • Utilities and Energy
  • And many more!

Using our live operators to handle your dispatch calls will save your business time and money as well as guarantee you professional results every time. The live representatives taking your calls will be trained in the proper protocols for your business as well as in the standard vocabulary for your industry. This is a perfect opportunity to give excellent customer service that will help to build a trusting relationship with the customer which will result in customer loyalty.

At Northwest Telephone Answering Service, we can develop a solution to your company’s dispatch needs that will save you time and money. Call one of our sales representatives today to receive your free quote.