Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional Answering Services


If you work in a professional service environment, whether as a plumber, a locksmith, a landscaper or anything in between, chances are you get a lot more phone calls than you are able to respond to in a given day. You probably even get calls after hours or on days that you are closed that you have to catch up on when you are back in the office. At Northwest Telephone Answering Service, we are able to help you with these calls so that you have more time to handle the important day-to-day activities and face-to-face client interactions for your business.


Plumber Services

A plumber’s work requires great attention to detail, knowledge of equipment, and expertise of procedure. You can rest assured that Northwest Telephone Answering Service will handle all of your calls, day or night, with the utmost care and attention. Our friendly representatives are trained to help each of your callers regardless of the desperation or frustration that arises when unpredictable and last minute emergencies take place. We offer services such as, call screening, immediate response to emergency calls, dispatch services, scheduling appointments, appointment cancellation answering inquires for services and of course, we always treat your current and prospective customers with professionalism and respect.


Locksmith Services

Customers require a locksmith’s expertise when it comes to car, office, or household lockouts. They may even require a locksmith’s assistance in the case of a lock or key replacement. No matter the service, lock repair specialists need their calls answered quickly and efficiently. Northwest Telephone Answering Service is here to answer your calls at any time of the day, or night. We assist your repeat or new clients with their locksmith needs and emergencies with courtesy and efficiency. Our agents are trained, transfer the calls and messages as you desire, to avoid missing out on a valuable business prospect.


Pest Control

Pests can be an alarming matter, and need to be treated in a timely manner before they reproduce and the situation gets worse. Customers that call in regard to insects, mites, rodents, birds or other “pests” expect immediate attention. Northwest Telephone Answering Service is here to attend to incoming calls from potential clients and help follow up with those that have recently been serviced. Our friendly agents are trained to follow your script and instructions to proceed with the caller’s requests. We understand that the pest control industry requires attention to detail and accuracy. You can trust the reputation of your business to Northwest Telephone Answering Service.


Don’t see your professional service industry?

Don’t worry! Our staff has experience in a variety of other industries including insurance, consulting and counseling firms, disaster restoration, veterinary and emergency animal care and so much more!

At Northwest Telephone Answering Service, we offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week live operator services, so all of your callers will speak to a live person every time they call, no matter your industry. No more relying on voicemail, where messages can get lost or sound incoherent, or missing out on potential clients who do not want to leave a message. Our professionally trained and experienced operators can handle all types of calls for you, such as: customer service calls, sales calls, potential client inquiries, calls for parts, billing questions, and even emergency service calls. When you work with Northwest Telephone Answering Service, you are not simply hiring an off-site service that answers your phones; we will work personally with you to understand the needs and workings of your business so that when your clients call, they are reaching an operator who is an extension of your own business. Using our answering services at Northwest saves you time, helps your clients understand that you value their time, and best of all, is cost efficient.