Legal answering services

If you manage a law office in Atlanta, you are aware that tThe legal industry is a demanding trade with potential clients calling at all times of the day. If you’re in a meeting with a client, it can seem unprofessional to answer the phone and not be able to give either person your full attention. At the same time, clients who are calling do not want to be diverted to voicemail over and over again; they may not call back. Research shows that most callers will hang up if their call is not answered within 5 rings. You may also receive calls while you are at court, out of the office, or after business hours, and in a high demand field such as law, you need a reliable way for these callers to reach you or leave their information. Unfortunately, voicemail can be unreliable and an in-house receptionist is only able to handle calls during business hours, leaving the other callers to a busy signal or voicemail, which may lead to missed clients and revenue.

Just imagine the peace of mind that an answering service can provide for you and your clients.

24/7 Atlanta Live Answering Service for Law Offices

With Northwest Telephone Answering Service, your callers will reach a live operator every time they call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our operators that work with legal firms have education and experience in the field, and will answer all of your calls in a professional manner according to your specific protocols. They are well-trained to handle sensitive legal matters and the needs of your clients with care and etiquette. We will work with your firm to determine how you want your calls responded to and forwarded and make sure that your lawyers never miss a call or a message.

How Does An Answering Service for Attorneys Work?

Our answering service for attorneys operates with a focus on legal professionals and their clients. Here’s how it works:

  • Call Handling: When a call comes for your law firm, it is forwarded to our dedicated phone lines.
  • Live Receptionists: Our trained virtual receptionists, familiar with legal terminology and procedures, answer the calls on behalf of your firm. They greet callers professionally and collect the necessary information.
  • Message Taking: If you prefer, our live agents will take messages from callers, including their name, contact information, reason for calling, and any other pertinent details. Our team is trained with legal intake procedures, and able to customize the information collected depending on your needs and preferences.
  • Call Screening: If needed, our virtual receptionists can screen calls based on predefined criteria set by your firm. Urgent calls or specific types of inquiries can be prioritized and routed accordingly.
  • Appointment Scheduling: If the caller would like to schedule an appointment with an attorney or legal personnel at your office, our answering service can assist.
  • Custom call flows: We can customize our service based on your preferences and requirements. From branding the greeting with your firm’s name, to following specific call scripts, and adhering to any special instructions, our goal is to serve as a seamless extension of your team.
  • Message Delivery: After each call, the messages are compiled and delivered to your office via email, text message, fax, or through a secure online portal. You can choose the frequency with which the messages are delivered.

Bilingual English / Spanish Virtual Receptionists

Did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States today? Our offer a valuable advantage for law firms seeking to expand their client base and remove communication barriers. Fluent in both languages, our receptionists help ensure that every client, regardless of their preferred language, feels understood and valued. Whether it’s answering inquiries, scheduling appointments, or providing basic information about your law office, our bilingual receptionists build trust with your Spanish-speaking clients. Whatever your telecommunications needs may be, our representatives can handle them in English and Spanish.

Law Firms We Answer For

We proudly answer calls for a variety of attorneys and law firms, whether they are based locally in the Atlanta metro area, or nationwide. From solo practitioners to large corporate firms, we are equipped to support law practices of all sizes and specialties. Whether your law firm receives a few calls a day or manages a high volume of inquiries, we can provide reliable answering services tailored to your specific needs.

Some examples of law firms that benefit from our 24/7 live legal answering service include:

  • Personal Injury Law Firms
  • Family Law Firms
  • Criminal Defense Law Firms
  • Real Estate Law Firms
  • Corporate Law Firms
  • Immigration Law Firms
  • Employment Law Firms
  • Estate Planning and Probate Law Firms
  • Intellectual Property Law Firms
  • Bankruptcy Law Firms

Stop missing important calls and potential clients! Our specialized Atlanta legal answering service ensures that every call to your firm is promptly answered, no matter the time of day. Don’t let missed opportunities affect your practice’s growth. Partner with us to reduce missed phone calls and provide exceptional client service. Get started now!