healthcare answering service

Northwest Telephone Answering Service has over 35 years of experience providing Atlanta medical answering services. In the healthcare industry, we know that it is critical to be available for your patients and that they should be the priority of your practice. It goes without saying, we know they need to be treated with respect and that their medical history is confidential. Our Atlanta operators are trained in the latest telephone etiquette to ensure your patients receive the best care from the moment they call to schedule their first appointment.

24/7 Medical Answering Service For Atlanta Healthcare Community

When your patients, a pharmacy, a hospital or another doctor’s office calls, our live operators will respond to their inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week following answering scripts based on your specifications. Northwest Telephone Answering Service understands some of these calls will be about time-sensitive matters so patients will never have to be greeted by impersonal busy signals or voicemails. Pharmacy and hospital staff calling with questions about a patient will not be left to wait on hold for an answer. Our operators are well-trained in the needs of the medical community, and will know when to dispatch emergency calls, take patient information to pass on to you via text message or another method of your choice, or send callers to voicemail. When a call comes in, we can schedule appointments, screen or forward the call according to your instructions, securely deliver a message, or provide emergency medical dispatch services.

HIPAA-Compliant Answering Service

According to CVS Health’s 2021 Health Care Insights Study, 89% of U.S. adults consider the privacy of their personal health information and ease of access to care the most important factors when finding and selecting healthcare. At Northwest Answering, our commitment to patient privacy is paramount. Our representatives undergo extensive training to know how to handle sensitive medical information and maintain the privacy of your clients and their information. You can feel confident that we are compliant with data protection laws such as HIPAA when handling information from your clients. Whether it’s taking a message, routing a call, or scheduling an appointment, your patients’ data is safe and secure. We also offer HIPAA-compliant secure messaging as an additional communication tool for your patients’ convenience.

Benefits of Our Atlanta Medical Answering Service

Every second matters in the healthcare industry, and many doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics are handling an increasing number of phone calls along with other tasks. Research shows that as many as 64% of patients still prefer human-to-human phone interactions when communicating with their healthcare providers. At Northwest Answering, we have recognized this preference for decades, as Atlanta’s preferred medical answering service supporting a variety of practices and healthcare organizations of all sizes. Our experience is evident in every phone interaction with your callers: we answer with a friendly and empathetic demeanor, while handling calls efficiently. We also know that long hold times can be a source of frustration, so we have invested in robust telephone technology that helps us answer calls quickly. While your office staff attends to patients and other tasks that cannot be outsourced, our professionally trained live answering agents help ensure that every caller feels valued and heard. The benefits of allowing our Atlanta medical answering service to answer your calls include:

  • 24/7 availability: whether it’s during your business hours, after hours, or over the weekends or holidays, you can count on our answering agents to be available around the clock.
  • Bilingual English and Spanish answering agents: with a growing number of Spanish speakers in the Atlanta metro area, we ensure that your callers can communicate in English or Spanish, whichever language they prefer.
  • Robust technology: no more missed calls or long hold times! Our advanced telephone technology ensures that calls are answered after an average of 2 rings, with a wait time of 20 seconds or less.
  • Patient privacy and HIPAA-compliance, which extends to call handling, appointment scheduling, and secure text messaging
  • Customized call flows: As part of our client onboarding, we take the time to get to know your practice, so we can customize call flows in a way that aligns with your office schedule and call handling preferences.
  • Flexibility: our medical answering service is always available, which gives your staff the flexibility to take a break, attend training or meetings, or focus on other tasks while we answer the phones.
  • Reporting: Every call is recorded and time-stamped for your records and routine reports. This allows you to measure results, while we continue to monitor and offer improvements in call answering processes.
  • Cost savings: the average salary of a medical receptionist in Atlanta is approximately $17/hour, according to Indeed. As compared to hiring a full-time medical receptionist to answer the phones, our professional answering service offers significant cost savings, in addition to 24/7 availability. 

Don’t let missed calls or delayed responses affect patient satisfaction and practice reputation. Northwest Answering has been a trusted name in Atlanta’s medical community for decades. Allow us to be your partner in ensuring every call is answered with professionalism and empathy. Contact us today to discuss our solutions or request a quote.